Who is Yeferson Cossio Girlfriend? His Bio, Net Worth, Tattoos, Hairstyle


Yeferson Cossio is a well-known musician who is best known for his hit song “Esa Mujer.” He is also a model and a content designer. He is also well-known for his diverse modeling portfolio and social media activity

Biography of Yeferson Cossio

Yeferson Cossio was born in Colombia on May 15th, 1994, under the sign of Taurus. He has kept the identities of his Colombian parents a secret. He grew up with his siblings in Medellin, Colombia. He has two brothers and a sister whose name is unknown, according to sources.

Yeferson is of mixed race and Colombian nationality. With his siblings, he has a positive relationship. The model is of average height. His hair is black, and his eyes are dark brown. Yeferson’s body is covered in tattoos. He also has a muscular body and exercises on a daily basis.

What is the name of Yeferson Cossio’s girlfriend?

Yeferson Cossio is currently in a relationship with Jenn Muriel, his girlfriend. He also posted a photo of him and Jenn kissing. He posts several pictures of her on his official Instagram account. They seem to be in love, according to his official Instagram account. Jenn, his girlfriend, is an Instagram sensation with over 1.4 million followers.

The two seem to be dating and have a fantastic relationship. However, the pair has yet to publicly announce their relationship. In addition, they are good friends. He has also recently started a new career. As a result, Yeferson and his girlfriend Jenn are in a romantic relationship.

What is the net worth of Yeferson Cossio?

Cossio’s career as an Instagram star and model has earned him a decent sum of money. According to reports, Yeferson has a net worth of $1 million. His various careers as a social media star and model are his main sources of income.

Acting as a model has earned him a yearly salary ranging from $22,000 to $207,000. In addition, he has been receiving more than the usual remuneration for his work. He has also amassed a decent sum of money from his music albums throughout his career. Each Instagram post has netted him anywhere between $117 and $422 thousand dollars. Out of his earnings, this handsome model has been enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Career of Yeferson Cossio

In the year 2013, he began his modeling career. In the beginning of his career, Cossio was accepted by the modeling agencies Stock Models, Informa Models, and Athenea Models. He began using Instagram in November 2014, posting pictures of himself modeling. But, in a short span of time, he rose to the status of Instagram celebrity, with over 2.6 million followers. On his Instagram account, he often posts images related to his personal life and professional career.

He is also a musician in addition to his modeling career. In the year 2018, he released Esa Mujer, a Colombian song album in the R&B/Soul genre. Yeferson made an appearance on the television program “Just Tattoo of Us.” It’s a reality MTV British television show about tattoos that follows couples, families, and family members as they visit the Just Tattoo of Us parlor to design tattoos for each other. The reality show premiered on April 3, 2017.

Cossio also represents the Bodytech brand as an ambassador. He’s been to tattoo conventions all over the world, including Half of the World in Quito, Ecuador, and the Cali Tattoo Expo. In September 2018, Yeferson shared a with fellow alternative model Stephen James Hendry in Barcelona, Spain.

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