Yamma Brown

Yamma Brown is best known as the youngest daughter of the legendary James Brown, aka James Joseph Brown. James, also known as the Godfather of Soul, Mr. Dynamite, and Soul Brother No. 1, was an American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, record producer, and bandleader.

Yamma has also worked as a Clinical Pharmacist for over 20 years and organizes community health outreach initiatives. She is also the CEO and Founder of Daughter of Soul Productions, as well as a published author.

Parents and Siblings of Yamma Brown

Yamma Brown was born in Augusta, Georgia, to James Brown and Deidre Jenkins in 1972. She has not, however, revealed her exact age to the media as of yet. She also has nine siblings from her father’s various marriages.

In terms of education, she attended Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland, for her secondary education. She then attended the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, for her undergraduate studies.

Yamma moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1993 to attend the Mercer University School of Pharmacy. At the age of 24, the mother of two children received her Doctorate from that university.

Yamma Brown, Is She Married?

Yamma Brown, aka Yamma Noyola Brown, is not currently married; in fact, she is single. She was previously married to Darren-Anthony Lumar, the chairman and CEO of Lumar Worldwide Industries, an international corporate-services firm.

The ex-couple first met while Yamma was doing clinical rotations as the resident pharmacist on the medical team caring for Lumar’s stepfather at DeKalb Medical Center in Atlanta. Soon after, the couple began dating each other.

Furthermore, the author and Lumar had their first date in 1998. After two months of dating, the couple got engaged and eventually married in 1999.

Despite the fact that their marriage was not a happy one, she was kicked by her husband shortly after their marriage during a violent argument outside their apartment. Yamma later decided to separate from her husband due to his violence. Darren, however, was assassinated in 2008.

Yamma appears to be single at the moment, following the death of Darren Lumar and is grateful for her new life. Yamma doesn’t share much about her life on social media, but she does post photos of herself with her parents and her attendance at events.

Yamma Brown has two kids from her marriage to Lumar. She is the proud mother of a daughter named Sydney Lumar and a son named Carrington Lumar, the date of whose birth is unknown.

Aside from that, Yamma and her husband fight for custody of their children until Darren’s death. Miss Brown is currently living a happy life with her children. She also frequently posts photos of her kids on her Instagram account.

Yamma Brown’s Father, James, Married Life

Yamma Brown’s father, James Brown, had intimate relationships with four women during his lifetime, including Yamma’s mother. Initially, on June 27, 1953, he married Velma Warren and they had a son, Teddy Brown (1954–1973). The couple had separated, and their divorce was finalized in 1969.

Soon after, the late singer married Deidre Jenkins on October 22, 1970, separated in 1979, and divorced on January 10, 1981. Furthermore, the ex-couple had two daughters, Deanna Brown Thomas (born prior to marriage) and Yamma Brown.

In 1984, the late dancer married Adrienne Lois Rodriguez after a three-year divorce from his second wife. Due to domestic violence, Lois filed for divorce in 1988, but they later reconciled and lived together.

Adrienne, however, died on January 6, 1996. Furthermore, the ex-husband and ex-wife had two sons, Terry Brown and Larry Brown.

Following that, on December 23, 2001, the late musician married Tomi Rae Hynie, who was James’ background singer. However, because Tomi had not officially divorced her former husband, Tomi and James were never legally married, and their relationship ended in 2006. They also had a son together, James Joseph Brown II ( born on June 11, 2001).

Furthermore, the late songwriter has two daughters from his ex-partners Yvonne Fair and Christoper Vialva, Venisha Brown (1964–2018) and Lisa Brown. He also has a son named Daryl Brown and a daughter named Larhonda Pettit (born in 1962), the mother of whom is unknown.

What is the Net Worth of Yamma Brown?

Yamma Brown amassed a massive net worth of $3 million as a result of her career as a doctor. She has 12 years of pharmacy experience, having held positions such as Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Assistant Director, and Director in various hospitals and clinics.

Aside from that, she amasses considerable wealth as the Founder and CEO of Daughter of Soul Productions. Furthermore, she increases her bank balance by selling skin care products through her company.

Yamma is also a published author. She most likely makes a good living from her book, Cold Sweat: My Father, James Brown, and Me. Brown’s book detailed her parents’ tumultuous relationship.