Who is Sophie Rundle Wife in 2021?

Tavis Smiley is a well-known author and public figure who previously worked as an aide to former Mayor Tom Bradley. He has had a long and distinguished career, receiving numerous honors along with the career.

Throughout his career in show business and as a public figure, he has amassed a sizable fan base in the United States. He’s made a name for himself as a TV show host and personality. His career has also been marred by controversy, which has had a career on his relationships; find out more about that and more below.

Who is Tavis Smiley’s Wife?

Smiley is still unmarried as of 2021; in fact, he has never been married. Over the years, the TV personality has been embroiled in a number of controversies, some of which have been serious.

Furthermore, he has no girlfriends or previous relationships that have been made public in the media. The actress may have dated a number of famous people in the past, but she has yet to marry one of them.

In fact, he has been accused of sexual misconduct by several PBS stations, with the news broadcasting giant claiming that he had multiple relationships with juniors and subordinates.

Smiley Was Charged With Sexual Misconduct

As a media personality, the TV personality has gotten into a lot of trouble. He first made headlines when he was fired from the BET network. He rallied against them and led a protest against the network with his supporters, but he was unable to reclaim his position at the station.

Then, in 2008, he expressed some divisive views about then-Democratic President Barack Obama, which landed him in even more hot water.

Following this, the most serious controversy he has ever been involved in began. The celebrity host has been accused of sexual misconduct. On December 13, 2017, PBS suspended him and launched an investigation, which discovered evidence of his relationship with multiple subordinates.

He attempted to sue the network for wrongful termination, but they successfully countersued. He lost the case, and he was ordered to pay PBS $2.6 million.

He has mostly stayed out of the mainstream media spotlight since then, but he is still a fixture on some smaller media networks and stations. His work as a television personality

The controversies have been coming thick and fast since his sexual misconduct case was ruled against him in 2020. In fact, the controversies surrounding him have grown, and he has shied away from the media.