Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

If you follow Canadian political news, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is probably not a new name to you. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is the wife of Justin Trudeau, the famous Canadian Prime Minister. Sophie and her husband have been married for over fifteen years. Sophie recently tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Early Life of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was born on April 24, 1975, in Montreal, Quebec, as Gregoire Trudeau. Jean Gregoire and his wife, Estelle Blais, have only one child, Estelle Blais. Her father worked as a stockbroker, and her mother as a nurse. Sophie met Justin at school.

Sophie Gregoire’s Relationship Status

Sophie Gregorie is a married woman. She is married to her childhood friend, Justin Trudeau. They met in high school and have been together ever since. Sophie married his long-term boyfriend, Justin Trudeau, on May 28, 2005, in a Catholic wedding at Montreal’s Sainte-Madeleine Outremont Church.

The couple is the proud parents of three children. On October 18, 2007, they welcomed their first son, Xavier James Trudeau. Ella was born on February 5, 2009, not long after. Then, on February 28, 2014, Hadrien Trudeau was born.

A Memorable and Luxurious Wedding

According to CBC, Trudeau was dressed in a light-colored suit, while Gregoire was dressed in an ecru gown with lace motifs and a long veil trimmed in the same lace that billowed behind her as she stepped slowly down the stairs.

Following the wedding, the couple drove away in Pierre Trudeau’s 1960 Mercedes Benz 300 SL roadster, which had been shipped from a British Columbia auto restorer to Montreal. Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, the groom’s brother, served as best man while his mother, Margaret, looked on.

The wedding was held in private. The ceremony was only attended by close family members, a few family friends, and members of Congress.

How much is Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Net Worth?

Sophie Gregoire’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. For nearly a decade, she worked as a TV show host and gossip reporter. She also became a certified yoga instructor in 2012. She is currently preoccupied with her charitable endeavors.

Her husband, Justin Trudeau, is also one of the world’s top 100 wealthiest people, with a net worth of more than $13 million. On November 4, 2015, he was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada. Since then, the family of five has worked in the Prime Minister’s Office. As Prime Minister, Justin receives a $345,000 annual salary, a $2,000 car allowance, and a variety of staff that is paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Sophie and her Husband both tested Positive for Covid-19

Yes, you read that correctly: Sophie and Justin both tested positive for the virus Covid-19. Gregoire is suspected of catching the virus while visiting Britain with her daughter Ella-Grace.

They will be isolated for the next two weeks. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau became ill last Wednesday and was tested for the virus after developing a low fever, which has since subsided. On Thursday, Gregoire and Trudeau voluntarily isolated themselves.