What’s Rocky Parker Cause of Death? Her Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Kids

Rocky Parker

Parker is an American entertainer best known for her role in the parody film In The Mood. Similarly, she is well-known for films such as The Rainbow Tribe, Hung Up on Elena, Happy Together, and E! Some Girls and Can’t Buy Me, Love are two genuine Hollywood stories.

Personal Life & Married Twice Rocky Parker is a character in the film Rocky.

Parker had been married twice before. She met a youngster after her divorce from her husband, the principal. She became hopelessly enamored with him at that stage. Parker was married to a much younger man.

Considering all, she married her closest husband’s child, Patrick Dempsey, who is 27 years younger than her. Rocky was 48 years old at the time of the wedding, while her significant other was just 21.

To begin with, despite having a massive age gap, they have happily married. However, due to the huge age gap between them, their relationship couldn’t last long.

After more than 6 years of living together as a couple. The team’s relationship couldn’t last much longer, and they split up in 1994. The pair’s split was the most contentious at the time.

Patrick, her former husband, is accused of assaulting Rocky because he wanted to see what it was like to whip a woman.

“The Bridget Jones’ Baby star was accused of mistreating his first spouse while working on the set of his film, “Can’t Buy Me Love” (1987).

“Rocky, who died at the age of 74 due to throat and cellular collapse in the lungs, used to ensure that she assisted Patrick in getting off drugs and alcohol.”

She continues to live a lonely life after the divorce, while Patrick marries Jillian Fink. They’ve been married since 1999 and have a happy life together.

Her First Husband

Rock was previously married to the fathers of her three children. She gave birth to her first child, David Alan, when she was 19 years old, with her spouse Sheldon Leonard Stein. In 1964, she married John Haas and they had a son named Corey Parker.

She gave birth to her third kid, a little girl named Noelle Parker, on December 31st. Nick Ferri is the father of her daughter Noelle.

Rocky Parker’s bio

On February 26, 1940, in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America, Bernard Parker (father) and Shirley Parker (mother) were born. Her mother was also a performer who was known for “Mission Mars” and “The Minx.” As a kid, she lived on Hopkinson Avenue.

Her family relocated to Bayside, Queens, in 1949. Rough is of mixed race and is of American nationality. Parker attended Queens-based Martin Buren High School. Her hair was a dark earthy brown, and her eyes were hazel.

Rocky Parker’s Death Cause

Lung cancer was the primary cause of Rocky Parker’s death. For a time, she suffers from lung disease. On April 19, 2014, the entertainer was granted a reprieve in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

Her death came as a shock to her family and friends, as well as her fans. At the age of 68, she passed away. Her memorial service was held in private, in the presence of only one of her relatives.

Rocky Parker’s net worth is unknown.

Rocky has amassed a sizable sum of money from his expert career during her eventful year. Rocky Parker’s estimated net worth at the time of her death was $1 million, according to several reports.

The entertainer was paid an annual salary of between $150,000 and $300,000, equating to an hourly wage of between $17.12 and $34.25.

Her primary sources of income were her acting career. Sure, she most certainly made a sizable sum of money by starring in popular films and television shows. Before her death, Rough had lived a lavish lifestyle.


Rocky started demonstrating for magazines like True Romance when he was 17 years old in the 1950s. In the following years, she became well-known for her role in the hit parody film In The Mood. She was known for films such as Can’t Buy Me Love (1987), Happy Together (1989), and In the Mood (1989). (1987).

Her acting abilities in the movies were admired by everyone. She is also well-known for films such as The Rainbow Tribe, Hung Up on Elena, E! A True Hollywood Story, Some Girls, and others.

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