Larry Fitzgerald Jr’s Ex-girlfriend Melissa Blakesley Biography, Personal Life, Net Worth

Melissa Blakesley

Melissa Blakesley recently made headlines for having a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Larry Fitzgerald Jr. Larry Fitzgerald Jr., her boyfriend, is an American football wide receiver for the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals. She is also the mother of Larry’s child.

Biography of Melissa Blakesley

Melissa Blakesley was born in Illinois, United States of America, on May 20th, 1979. Jean Blakesley and James Blakesley are her parents. Geminin is her zodiac sign. Melissa is of mixed race and is of American nationality.

Her three siblings, a brother named James Blakesley and two sisters named Anna Blakesley and Cherin Blakesley, helped her grow up. She is a well-educated student, but the specifics of her education are still unknown.

Is Melissa Blakesley Larry Fitzgerald Jr’s wife?

Melissa Blakesley has yet to be Larry Fitzgerald Jr.’s wife, despite being the mother of Larry’s children. She and her ex-relationship had a son named Apollo Fitzgerald, who was born on April 23, 2013. They couldn’t handle their relationship despite being parents.

In the year 2020, the couple called it quits on their relationship. However, the explanation for their split is still unknown. They began dating in the year 2010 and broke up in the year 2020.

The pair had been together for a long time and were happy in their relationship. Melissa Blakesley, on the other hand, is now single. Melissa and her son are in a happy relationship.

In addition, her boyfriend Larry and his former girlfriend Angela Nazario had a son named Devin Fitzgerald. His ex-girlfriend Nazario used to be a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. Their relationship ended, however, after they had a child together. She also lodged a domestic abuse complaint against Larry. In the year 2008, the former couple called it quits.

Melissa Blakesley is a member of the Blakesley family. Larry Fitzgerald Jr, an ex-boyfriend, has a net worth of $1 million.

Melissa Blakesley rose to prominence as a result of her relationship with Larry, as previously mentioned. As a result, determining Blakesley’s true net worth is difficult without first learning about her professional career.

However, as a celebrity ex-girlfriend, she is clearly enjoying the high life. She might also have made a good living from her professional career.

Her ex-boyfriend Larry Fitzgerald Jr, on the other hand, is reported to have a net worth of $50 million dollars. According to sources, he is paid an annual base salary of $11 million plus a $1 million retention bonus in 2018. In addition, he owns a home in Paradise Valley that he listed for $5 million in 2018.

A Career

Melissa only recently rose to fame as a result of her relationship with Larry. She may have already worked for a variety of organizations. Her professional career has remained a mystery.

Melissa, the celebrity ex-girlfriend, isn’t interested in any projects except cheering on her boyfriend in the stands during his game.

Larry, her ex-boyfriend, is a well-known figure in the NFL, having been selected third overall in the 2004 Draft. In addition, despite not having appeared in a Super Bowl in a decade, he was recently featured in the NFL 100 Super Bowl commercial.

What is the name of her ex-boyfriend?

Larry Fitzgerald Jr, her ex-boyfriend, was born on August 31, 1983, and is an American football wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). When he was a college football player at Pittsburgh, he earned unanimous All-America honors.

The Cardinals selected him third overall in the NFL Draft in 2004. Larry is widely considered to be one of the best wide receivers in NFL history. Eleven times he has been chosen for the Pro Bowl. He was also named First-Team All-Pro in 2008, Second-Team All-Pro in 2009, and Third-Team All-Pro in 2011. She became a minority owner of the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association in the year 2020.

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