How much is Khabane lame Net Worth? Age, Girlfriend, Nationality, Height

Khaby Lame is a well-known Italian social media influencer, comedian, and TikTok star. Khaby Lame is well-known for his quick comedic sketches.

Early Life of Khaby Lame 

Khaby Lame was born in Turin, Italy, on March 9, 2000. Khabane Lame is his birth name. Khaby’s zodiac sign is Pisces. He is one of the internet’s fastest-growing Italian content creators. Khaby, on the other hand, is now 21 years old, according to his birth date. On the other side, there is no information known on Khaby’s father, mother, or any family members.

At terms of schooling, Khaby Lame completed his secondary school courses in his hometown. If Khaby has not discontinued his studies, he may be pursuing them at college. The TikTok singer, however, has not divulged the name of his school or his current academic qualifications. We’ll update our database as soon as Khaby makes the information public.

Personal Life of Khaby Lame 

Khaby Lame is one of the internet’s hottest content makers. He uses several social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and others, to showcase his great and hilarious stuff. His exceptional short comedic routines have made him one of the most popular internet memes. His famous face is used to create memes on a variety of issues by meme pages all around the world.

Khaby has started uploading his videos to TikTok. In addition, he set up his TikTok accounts in March of 2020. Khaby Lame’s TikTok accounts have accumulated over 67 million followers in less than a year. Khaby’s TikTok account has received more than 921 million likes.

Khabane also has an Instagram account in addition to TikTok. Lame’s Instagram account has more than 19 million followers. He also posts all of his latest TikTok stuff on Instagram. Khaby has also employed Riggio Alessandro, a social media manager, to handle all of his social media accounts. Because it’s critical for him not to injure anyone when presenting his comedic material.

Who is Khaby Lame Dating Currently?

Khaby is in a relationship with Zaira Nucci, and they have a relationship together. Zaira Nucci, like Khaby, is an artist and a social media influencer. On April 4th, 2021, Khaby posted a photo of himself with Zaira, revealing their relationship. Khaby was carrying Zaira on his back in the photo, and the two were having a good time together. Furthermore, no information regarding Khaby’s previous relationships is accessible.

Height and Weight of Khaby Lame

Khabane Lame has a slim and slender physique. Khaby also has a well-kept and healthy physique. Khabane, on the other hand, is about 6 feet and 1 inch tall. Lame’s total body weight is approximately 65 kg. Khaby is also a black man with black hair and black eyes. We will update our database as soon as we have more information about Khaby’s body measurements.

Khaby Lame Social Media

Khaby Lame is a well-known TikTok personality. As a result, he continues to be increasingly active on social media. Khaby has an official Instagram account. TikTok and Twitter are two of the most popular social media platforms. Lame, too, has a sizable following across all three social media networks. On his TikTok account, he has over 76 million followers. Khabane’s Instagram account has more than 25 million followers. Lame’s Twitter account has more than 313.5K followers.

How much is Khaby Lame Net Worth?

Khaby’s main sources of revenue are TikTok and Instagram. Khaby’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand, according to sources.