What is Jessica Samko Doing Now? Bio, Family, Husband, Kids, Net Worth

Jessica Samko rose to fame after appearing on the sixth season of Shipping Wars. This reality star’s out-of-the-ordinary driving, tough-talking, and f-bombs contribute to her distinct persona. In addition, she was nominated for ‘Overdrives Most Beautiful’ by Overdrive, a trucking magazine, in 2012.

Jessica Samko’s Biography and Family

Jessica Samko was born on June 1, 1982, in Amsterdam, New York, under the zodiac sign Gemini. Her father influenced her decision, but she hasn’t shared any information about her family. Jessica is of white ethnicity and of American nationality. Details about her education and siblings are being investigated.

How much is Jessica Samko’s net worth?

Jessica Samko’s net worth has been reported differently by various online websites. As a result, determining Samko’s net worth is difficult. Jessica Samko, on the other hand, is estimated to have a net worth of over a million dollars.

She earned around $1,000 per episode by appearing in the A&E TV show Shipping Wars from season one to season seven. She also worked as a truck driver to supplement her income.

Jessica Samko’s Married Life and Husband

Jessica Samko has a happy married life with her husband. Jessica’s husband’s name is Derek Smith. Derek, her beloved husband, is also a truck driver. He also owns a Cargo & Freight Company called DMS. Before they started dating, the couple were very close friends.

However, neither the date nor the location of their wedding has been revealed. They have also not disclosed any information about her children or whether or not they have children from their previous marriage. The couple has been living a private life, not revealing anything about their marriage. However, the couple has three dogs: Butchy, Pudge, and Caesar.

Jessica Samko is a woman from the Czech Republic. Participating in the Shipping War

Jessica Samko rose to prominence after appearing on a television show, but how did it all begin? When she decided to become a truck driver, she leased a truck from Landstar, a company that delivered goods across North America. Then she started working for a big corporation. Similarly, her husband’s company, DMS, assists clients in safely delivering their unique products.

Jessica first purchased her own truck and quickly established her own business. JMS transport is the name of her trucking company, and she is the sole driver. Jessica’s resilience made it possible for her to appear as a cast member in the reality show for which she is well-known.

What is Jessica Samko up to these days?

Jessica Samko was born to be a driver. Despite the fact that the show has ended, she has continued to run her trucking company. She is still a truck driver who enjoys her job. Her interest in the job may have begun before she became a trucker.

She also found herself dating a trucker prior to entering the business. After her ex complained about how boring his truck driving job was, Jessica decided to become a truck driver.

Jessica Samko Facts and Career

  • Jessica remains a person of interest even after the show has been canceled. Some of Jessica Samko’s interesting facts are listed below.
  • During the reality show, she drove a 208 Volvo 780 while the majority of the other contestants drove trucks rated below class 8.
  • Jessica participated in the show because it featured truck drivers and businesses that carried special goods that other businesses would normally refuse to carry.
  • She earned the nickname The Road Warrior from her fans in 2014.
  • She also enjoys live rock concert shows because of the energy they provide.
  • She is still a fan of the reality show Shipping Wars, which was canceled.
  • Jessica is the epitome of strength and achievement, proving that if one sets their mind to it, they can achieve anything.