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Isabella Revilla Biography, Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight, Height & Career

Isabella Revilla Biography, Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight, Height & Career

Who is Isabella Revilla?

Isabella Revilla is best known as the girlfriend of WWE superstar Irish wrestler Sheamus or Stephen Farrelly. Isabella is a 24-year-old Filipina girl who currently resides in Nashville with her fiance. She caught the attention of the general public when she recently posted about her engagement to Shaemaus, and because the WWE network is so large, this news spread like wildfire around the world. Following this, her Instagram followers began to grow, and she became well-known on the internet. She is a Loan professor for Mortgage World Bankers.

What is the Age of Isabella Revilla?

She was born in the Philippines and is thus of Filipino descent. The Internet and her social media accounts contain no information about her birthday or birth year. Furthermore, because she was only in the spotlight for a few hours, it was extremely difficult to gain access to her parents and siblings, and as a result of insufficient media reach, no information about her family members is available on the internet. She enjoys petting dogs, which is why her Instagram bio says “rescue dog mom,” and she also enjoys traveling around the world.

It is clear that she completed her freshman, sophomore, and high school years, but no information about this is available on the Internet. Furthermore, after graduating from high school, she attended Baruch College in New York City, New York, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Arts with a concentration in corporate communications.

Who is Isabella Revilla’s Boyfriend?

She has been in a relationship with WWE star Sheamus for several years. Most people thought it was a casual relationship, but it became serious when she posted a few hours ago that they both are engaged and she wrote a high heart touch and deep caption on Instagram with a photo of both of them. Furthermore, no previous records or affairs could be found on the internet.

What is the Net Worth of Isabella Revilla?

She only entered the spotlight a few hours ago, so estimating her net worth is difficult; however, her main source of income is her job as a loan processor and dog rescue. Her boyfriend’s network, on the other hand, is worth approximately $9 million.

When did Isabella Revilla Begin her Career?

  • She attended Baruch College to pursue a bachelor’s degree in corporate communication, where she honed her communication skills before beginning work as a mortgage loan professor at World Bankers. Furthermore, her Instagram bio states that she is a mother to rescued dogs and Ninang, and she truly is; the majority of her Instagram feed is filled with dogs, demonstrating her affinity for dogs.
  • Not only that, but she spent the majority of her day playing with dogs, taking crazy selfies with them, and allowing them to participate in various activities to help them grow.

Facts of Isabella Revilla

Full NameIsabella Revilla
Place Of BirthPhilippines

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