Is Correspondent Hallie Jackson Divorced from Husband? Is Hallie Jackson Married to Frank Thorp? Daughter

Hallie Jackson

Hallie Jackson is well-known for her work as the Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News. She is a fill-in wrestler for Today and a stay for NBC’s connection division MSNBC.

Until joining NBC News in 2014, she worked in a number of countries, including Connecticut and Baltimore. Despite her busy schedule, she maintains a good relationship with her less well-known husband.

Is Hallie Jackson’s Husband Divorced?

Jackson and her husband Doug Hitchner are no longer together. However, there is no detail about when or how their marriage ended.

She has always been excessively secretive about her personal details, despite the fact that she is successfully adapting her personal as well as professional life. Frank Thorp is the man she is currently dating. The couple had a daughter as a result of their relationship. They haven’t married yet, though.

Hallie’s Married Life with Doug Hitchner

Hallie Jackson, an NBC News White House Correspondent, married her high school sweetheart Doug Hitchner in 2011. She’s worked out how to keep her private life under control. Hallie was allegedly locked up with Doug in 2010 while working for the WFSB news channel.

Doug, her better half, is a baseball player who has talked to his university during his time there. Despite the fact that Hallie has never spoken about her relationship, she was recently photographed wearing a stunning wedding band on her finger.

Hallie and her better half astounded everyone by exchanging marital vows in Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County in mid-2011. The wedding service was a traditional one that was attended by their families and close friends.

Is Frank Thorp and Hallie Jackson married?

Hallie Jackson hasn’t been married to Frank Thorp until now. With a pre-established sentimental bond, Jackson and Thorp are synonymous with one another. Jackson, the White House reporter in charge, is expecting a child with her accomplice Frank.

He works for NBC News as a Senate Producer and Off-Air Reporter. NBC News, CNBC, Meet the Press, MSNBC, WPXI-TV (Pittsburgh, PA), and Sioux City Journal have all featured him.

Jackson’s Pregnancy Is Confirmed

Hallie is expecting a baby, according to NBC News. She revealed that she would be a mother of a boy. Today with Willie Geist, NBC News’ key White House journalist, revealed in the Sunday Mail that she is expecting her first child as an infant young lady.

Jackson used a picture from her family’s Christmas card to announce her upcoming appearance, which included an exclusive onesie.

In a tweet on Sunday, he requested that viewers tune in on Sunday to hear the unusual declaration.

In addition, Jackson revealed that her baby girl would arrive in April.

She is, above all, ready to be a mother to a child young lady. Hallie has a lot of experience when it comes to picking the most delectable kid food.

Jackson revealed in a meeting in 2018 that she used to carry pockets of pureed infant food in order to get the last bit of her vitamins after all other choices had been exhausted. This is a combination of spinach, apples, and kale, according to Jackson.

Hallie Jackson is the proud mother of a boy!

Thank you! Thorp, her first youngster as a girl with a boyfriend, was welcomed by NBC News. On March 11, 2020, at 6:12 p.m., she invited her girl. Monroe Jackson-Thorp is the name of their baby girl. Monroe “Ro” Jackson Thorp, Jackson’s amazing grandfather, was the inspiration for their baby girl’s name.

She adores dogs.

Hallie frequently blogs about her beloved canine on her Instagram and Facebook pages, as does the commentator. She tends to have a strong preference for canines.

Hallie Jackson isn’t wearing her wedding ring for what reason?

Several people have inquired as to why Hallie does not wear her wedding band. Right now, a clear answer isn’t available. Hallie may find it inconvenient to wear the ring when working. There is no information available about her wedding band.

When Hallie left for college, where did she go?

In terms of writer Jackson’s education, she graduated from Yardley High School in 2002 and attended Pennsbury High School in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania for secondary school.

She enrolled at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and graduated in 2006 with a Phi Beta Kappa Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

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