Steve-O’s Ex-wife Candy-Jane Tucker Biography & Personal Life

Much the same thing as other conventional individuals, Candy In the wake of a relationship with VIPs, Jane Tucker came to the spotlight. She’s well known as Steve-ex. O’s Her ex is a British-American TV character.

Bio and Wiki Tucker

Somewhere in the United States of America. In any case, her initial life and the subtleties of guardians are under audit.

Having American nationality, Candy has a place of white ethnicity. Her training subtleties were missing, but her ex graduated from the University of Miami.

Candy, Candy The Relationship between Jane Tucker and Steve-O

Information on Candy and Steve-romantic O’s tale is still under audit. Before they got married, the couple had been dating for a couple of years. In 2002, Tucker traded the marriage vows with her husband, Steve-O. During her marriage with Steve, she included a TV set narrative in High Chaparelle, showing up as herself.

They lived cheerfully in the underlying period of their marriage. Steve referred to Candy’s affection for his life in many of his interviews. But their marriage only lasted a year after their marriage.

In the year 2003, the couple was separated. Steve’s main purpose behind their separation was to depend on drugs and liquor. In addition, he conceded that his fascination was at the cost of his marriage.

Jane’s ex-mental problems

Her ex-Steve-O had been in an emergency clinic for 14 days due to her self-destructive behavior in 2008. At that point, he committed the crime of cocaine ownership around the same time. From that point on, he dodged prison time by taking an interest in the recovery program.

He slipped back and looked into a psychological foundation, despite being calm for more than a quarter of a year. He would later say that his drug use caused impressive emotional well-being problems, but now he’s in a steady state of affairs.

Her ex-husband is the second Wife

After separation, Steve began to recover from psychosis. Well, whatever it may be, he’d lost his beloved spouse. At that point, he began to have a relationship, regardless of being discouraged. Her ex despite having been discouraged. Tragically, the vast majority of his connections did not last long.

At that point, he discovered that Brittany Mcgraw, the second spouse, had been married for a considerable period of time after having a relationship. In 2006, he traded marital vows with his second spouse, Mcgrew.

Shockingly, their relationship had endured distinctly for a long time, and in 2008 their association with each other was authoritatively cut off. Despite being twice separated from him, he tried a lot and got into a variety of connections.

Drawing into his current Girlfriend friend

Her ex, Steve, found out how to be in a sentimental relationship with his sweetheart, Lux Wright. Having a relationship for quite a while, they’ve finally been locked in. In fact, Steve-O took Instagram to declare that he and his sweetheart were connected to him on January 21.

Steve proposed in front of the audience to the end of a satire that was unusual for him to shoot in Denver. In 2018, they were ready for marriage yet to report their date of marriage. He’s still a dad out of his diverse relationship. They have a joyful relationship.

Candy Jane Tucker, ex-husband Net Worth

Candy, Candy Jane Tucker came to the spotlight as the ex-spouse name. Without knowing her expert vocation, it is difficult to determine Jane’s true total assets. However, she’s still living a nice life from winning. Then again, her ex Steve-O has a net total value of $2.5 million.

In addition, it has gathered better than average value in various films and television arrangements. At that point, he highlighted in the film Jackass, which collected almost $80 million in total from the $5 million financial plan.

Again he included in the spin-off, Jackass Number Two collected $85 million from the $20 million financial plan.


Candy, Candy Jane Tucker just came to the spotlight as Steve-ex. O’s Apart from that, there are no subtleties of her expert vocation. Be that as it may, her ex Steve-O is a British-American TV character, stunt entertainer, on-screen character, author, maker, stand-up comic, and performer.

He became more popular with his performance stunts on the American TV arrangement Jackass (2000–2002). At that point, he highlighted the Jackass spin-offs, including The Movie (2002), Jackass Number Two (2006) and Jackass 3D (2010), as well as the Wildboyz side project arrangement (2003–2006).