Bray Wyatt’s daughter Cadyn Rotunda Bio, Family, Facts, Parents

Cadyn Rotunda

Candy Rotunda rose to prominence as WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt’s celebrity daughter. Wyatt, her father, is a professional wrestler in the United States who is currently signed to WWE.

Cadyn Rotunda’s parents

According to records, Cadyn Rotunda was born in the United States of America in the year 2013. Windham Lawrence Rotunda, also known as Bray Wyatt, is her father, and Samantha Rotunda is her mother. Regardless, her parents are now divorced and live apart. Cadyn is of mixed race and has an American nationality.

Kendyl Rotunda, her niece, is also growing up with her. From her father’s current marriage, she has two step-siblings, Knash Sixx Rotunda and Hyrie Von Rotunda.

Bo Dallas is her uncle, and Mika Rotunda is her aunt. Mike and Stephanie Rotunda were her grandparents. Cadyn is required to attend primary school. Her hair is light in color, and her eyes are hazel.

Relationship between her parents

Her parents’ love story started in high school, when they met at Troy University, where they were both students. In the end, the couple had romantic feelings for each other and married in 2012. The couple took on the role of guardians for two young girls. They had a happy married life before Wyatt betrayed her mother.

After Wyatt allegedly went behind Rotunda’s back with the ring commentator, they finally ended their five-year marriage in March 2017. Samantha filed for legal separation from Wyatt in June 2017, accusing him for ‘infidelity and wrongdoings.’ Samantha needed spousal assistance, kid support, provision, and treatment of their children for the majority of the time.

Her father, Wyatt, also blamed his ex-spouse for spreading fake news on the internet.

“to smear the spouse’s endeavors in the media.” Rotunda also made “abusive articulations about the husband to a few people in the network to kill his notoriety,” according to the grappler.

The couple’s relationship did not end happily. It’s also a mystery if they’re still friends after their separation for their girl’s betterment.

Her Parents’ Divorce Settlement

During the divorce process, Wyatt’s ex accused him of spending $11,000 on extravagant costs and blessings for his sweetheart rather than spousal support.

According to the official records, her father Bray agreed to pay $14,735 a month and a one-time payment of $50,000 to cover legal fees for upkeep and kid support to his former spouse.

According to sources, he has been paying just $6,000 a month. From December 20, 2017, to January 4, 2018, he spent over $11,000 on lavish shopping for his sweetheart, including $5,006.27 on ‘little ponies, supplies, and feed,’ $533.93 on adornments, $112.79 at a Miami bar, and $171.20 on ladies’ swimwear. The previous couple is currently undergoing intervention, and the court has yet to issue a final decision.

Her Wife’s Current Wife – Who Is She?

Her father’s main reason for the split was his involvement with WWE host JoJo Offerman. It is now certain that they were dating after their divorce. Bray married JoJo in the year 2018, according to sources.

They have been living happily together as a couple since that time. They became guardians of two children, Knash Sixx Rotunda (boy) and Hyrie Von Rotunda (girl) after they married (girl).

Cadyn Rotunda Father’s net worth is unknown.

Cadyn Rotunda is in her mid-twenties, so there are no questions about her earnings or overall assets. Regardless, she manages to live a comfortable life on her parents’ money. According to various sources, Caden’s father, Bray Wyatt, is estimated to have total assets of over $850,000.

From his WWE career, he earns an annual salary of $1 million. He also earns extra money from the headliner income share and benefits from free travel and convenience. According to the most recent estimates, a wrestler’s salary starts at $150,000 and rises to $9.5 million.

Her Father’s Profession

Cadyn Rotunda, the celebrity daughter, is still in her teens, but her expert life is undeniable. Her father, on the other hand, made his professional wrestling debut in April 2009 with Florida Championship Wrestling under the ring name Bray Wyatt.

He is currently signed to WWE, where he works under the ring name “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, or simply Bray Wyatt, on the SmackDown brand. He’s also a three-time champion, having previously won the WWE Championship and the WWE Universal Championship.

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