Who is Violet Madison Nash Father? Bio, Birthday, Baby, Instagram, Height, Net Worth, Career

Violet Madison Nash

Violet Madison Nash is Christian Milian’s adorable celebrity child. Violet Madison Nash is also well-known as the daughter of popular Hollywood actress Christina Milian. Furthermore, Christina Milian has appeared in films such as American Pie in 1999, Be Cool in 2005, and Memories of Christmas in 2018.

Early Life of Violet Madison Nash

Violet Madison Nash was born in 2010 and has an annual birthday on February 26th. Similarly, the celebrity child is 11 years old at the moment. Violet was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Violet Madison, likewise, is of American nationality and was born under the sign of Pisces.

Violet was born to famous Hollywood actress Christina Milian and famous musician The Dream. Violet is said to have been born with a head full of hair. However, Milian left The Dream in 2011. Violet also has two half-siblings named Isiah and Kenna. Christina is also very tender and affectionate toward her children. Violet currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her mother.

Education Background of Violet Madison Nash

Christina has not disclosed any information about her daughter’s education. Violet, on the other hand, has graduated from kindergarten and is currently enrolled in a middle school in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the celebrity child is an exceptionally well-behaved and talented student.

Professional Career of Violet Madison Nash

Violet Madison Nash is still too young to work. However, the celebrity child has appeared in Christina Milian’s Turned up documentary series.

Awards and Net Worth

Violet is still too young and has yet to receive any recognition. Her mother, Milian, on the other hand, has won a couple of awards. Some of her awards include the 2005 Reign Award for Outstanding Achievement, the 2006 Ozone Award for Best R&B Female, and the 2008 Imagen Foundation Award for Best TV Actress for Snowglobe. Similarly, Milian has amassed a substantial fortune over the course of her career. The stunning actress currently has a net worth of $5 million.

Relationship status

Violet Madison Nash is far too young to date. She is still developing and has much to learn. Similarly, the celebrity child is currently living with her mother. Violet Madison Nash is still a child. The celebrity child is still growing and has not been involved in any scandals or controversies.

Body Measurements of Violet Madison Nash

Violet is still a child who is developing. Violet currently stands at 4 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 40 kg. Similarly, the celebrity kid has black hair and black eyes.

Christina Milian’s Professional Career

Christina is a well-known Hollywood actress and model. The singer made her professional musical debut on rapper Ja Rule’s second studio album, Rule 3:36. (2000). Milian began by singing vocals on the song “Between Me and You.” Similarly, her song was released as the album’s lead single in 2000, peaking at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Similarly, the actress’ collaboration with Ja Rule resulted in a record deal with Def Soul Records.

Furthermore, Milian traveled to Sweden to record her self-titled debut album. The second album was released on October 9, 2001, in the United Kingdom, peaking at number 23 and selling a total of 101,986 copies. Although Christina is best known for her singing career, she originally aspired to be an actress.

The Disney Channel offered the actress her first major acting role in The Mickey Mouse Club. Christina, on the other hand, declined and chose to star as a reporter on Movie Surfers. She also had minor roles in films and television, including Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, The Steve Harvey Show, Get Real, The Wood, and American Pie. Later Milian was named host of MTV’s live competitive music series Becoming Presents: Wannabe in 2002.

Furthermore, the actress has appeared in a number of films and television shows. American Pie 1999, Durango Kids, Love Don’t, Cost a Thing, Torque, Man of the House, Be Cool, Pulse, Snowglobe, Ghosts of Girlfriends, and many other films have featured Milian.

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