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Cindy Millican, an American dancer and choreographer, is well-known as the widow of Glenn Frey, a singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. He was also a founding member of the legendary rock band Eagles.

Early Life of Cindy Millican

Cindy Millican was born in the United States of America in 1967. She was raised by American parents, but her parents’ information is buried.

In addition, little is known about her childhood, siblings, or education. Cindy is of white ethnicity and has American nationality.

Cindy Millican’s Married Life

Cindy Millician had an idyllic marriage with her husband Glenn Frey until his death. The duo first met during the filming of music videos in the early 1990s. Glenn was immediately drawn to her because she was a popular dancer. Cindy and Frey began dating soon after their first meeting.

Cindy and Glenn married in a private ceremony after being in a relationship for a long time. On June 30, 1990, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Millican was 19 years Frey’s junior. Despite their age difference, their married life is unaffected.

Until 2016, the couple appeared to have had a good time at their wedding. Her husband Glenn’s death brought an end to their marriage.

Cindy Millican’s Mother of three kids

Cindy and Glenn had three children together over the course of their long marriage. She is the mother of three children: two sons and a daughter. Taylor Frey, her eldest daughter, was born. Cindy is also the mother of two sons, Deacon Frey and Otis Frey.

Taylor, her elder daughter, works as a program director and mentor at Individual U. She has also appeared in several plays, including The Dallas Spiders Club, a sketch comedy.

During concerts, her son Deacon would occasionally join his father on stage. In addition, he performed a Hotel California video from a 2008 concert. Deacon is now a full-fledged member of the group.

Glenn Frey, Cindy Millican’s husband, died as a result of a heart attack.

Glenn Frey, Cindy Millican’s husband, died on January 18, 2016, as a result of colitis and pneumonia. It was caused by his rheumatoid arthritis medication.

He passed away at the age of 66. Glenn was cremated in New York and his ashes were given to family and friends.

How much is Cindy Millican Net Worth?

Millican did make a name for herself and earn money prior to her marriage. As a result, Cindy Millican has amassed a staggering net worth of $90 million. She had made money as a former dancer and choreographer.

She also had some minor roles in films such as The Running Man, which grossed $38.1 million at the box office in 1987 on a budget of $27 million. Glenn Frey had a net worth of $120 million at the time of her husband’s death.

Cindy Millican’s House

Cindy Frey inherited her husband’s estate after Glenn Frey died. She then sold a $14 million home in Brentwood. The Mediterranean-style house, built in 1996, sits on three acres of land.

The property also has an extensive, tiled swimming pool and a spa, as well as over 8,000 square feet of living space and patios that overlook the verdant gardens.

He paid ten million dollars for the property in 2007. The property was initially listed for close to $15 million in 2017, but the price was quickly reduced to $14 million and sold.

Cindy Millican Filed a Lawsuit for What Reason?

In 2018, Cindy Millican filed a lawsuit against her late husband’s gastroenterologist, Dr. Steven Itzkowitz. She also sought a $12 million settlement for her husband’s wrongful death.

According to Cindy, Itzkowitz was negligent in promptly examining Frey for respiratory issues and overlooked the infection, which led to his death.

Cindy Millican Illnesses

Cindy Millican is suffering from lupus. It is a systemic autoimmune disease that causes the patient’s immune system to attack their own tissues and organs.

In addition, she and her late husband Glenn raised funds for LUPUSLA, a charity founded by her physician, Dr Daniel Wallace.

The couple has organized a number of fundraising events to benefit this wonderful cause. She also served as a board member for a charity call for five years.

Where is Cindy Millican Now?

Cindy Millican purchased a small home above Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip after her husband died.

She has been living on her own since the death of her beloved husband. Cindy, on the other hand, has kept a low profile.

How tall is Cindy Millican?

Cindy Millican stands 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m) tall. Her body weight is approximately 136 pounds (62 kg). Cindy’s hair is dark brown, and her eyes are hazel.

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