Is Ryan Henry Biracial? His Bio, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Parents

Ryan Henry

Turn off Black Ink Crew: Chicago, a reality show on VH1 that brought tattoo artists from Chicago into the spotlight. Similarly, as a star of an unscripted television show, he is an agent. He is the owner of the Chicago-based tattoo shop 9Mag.

Is Ryan Henry of mixed race?

Ryan Henry was born on May 27, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. His zodiac sign is Gemini, and he will be 34 years old in 2020. Keith and Loni Henry raised him as their son. Ryan Henry is biracial, having ancestors of African-American and Japanese descent. Ryan is an American citizen.

Nova Henry and Jill Henry are his two sisters. Regrettably, his sister Nova was murdered by her boyfriend. He was a student at Thornwood High School when his sister was murdered, and he decided not to pursue higher education. Ryan opened a tattoo shop in the home of his sister Nova and his 10-month-old niece Ava at the time.

Is Ryan Henry married or has he never been Married? What is the name of his Wife?

Ryan Leight and Rachel Leight had a romantic relationship. The couple was a high school sensation. For secondary school, the previous couple had never met before. The couple became guardians on September 2, 2007, when Rachel gave birth to a son named Mason.

Despite being unmarried, the couple lived in Chicago as a family with their child. Regardless, the couple has been making up and breaking up for more than ten years. When Rachel discovered Ryan’s extramarital affairs with Kat Jackson, a Black Ink Crew co-star, the couple split up.

Rayn also claimed he made a mistake by going live on Facebook. He claimed that there was no physical contact between him and Kat at any point. His sweetheart Rachel, on the other hand, had a relationship with R&B artist/lyricist Jeremih. When she became pregnant, their relationship came to an end.

Regardless, Ryan accepted responsibility and acknowledged the child as his. On Mother’s Day of 2018, Ryan surprised his better half Rachel with a Mercedes Benz. Everything was going swimmingly until the beginning of 2019, when Ryan and Rachel decided to call it quits once more.

Ryan is having an affair with his Girlfriend Rachel.

Rachel discovered in 2017 that Ryan had been involved in an extramarital affair with Kat Jackson, a Black Ink Crew co-star. He was also involved with Rachel at the time. Kat said something about their connection when she found out about it.

Rachel started dating R&B relationship/musician Jeremih and they had a child together. Rachel and Ryan, on the other hand, reunited after a brief relationship. In either case, they are currently separated.

Ryan Henry’s net worth is unknown.

Ryan Henry, an American tattoo artist and star of an unscripted television show, is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. His unscripted television proximity won him this substantial amount. He is also the owner of the tattoo shop “9MAG,” which is where he got his extra money.

His company has resulted in a massive increase in his funds. He was paid more than the standard hourly wage of $150. He earned $41 thousand a year as a tattoo artist on his own. He also wins about $1000 from his one-day tattoo convention.

Career Profession

His sister and niece Ava were murdered by his sweetheart Frederick Goings when he was attending Thornwood High School. He abandoned his investigation after that and opened a tattoo parlor in his sister’s honor. While dealing with the loss of her sister, Ryan found solace in her work.

Ryan opened his own tattoo shop, “9MAG,” in the year 2013. It is regarded as the end of his career. He was initially assisted by the guide, Miya Bailey, with the activity he was doing. In any case, he rose to prominence thanks to VH1’s arrangement of the unscripted TV drama “Dark Ink Crew: Chicago.”

Chicago’s Dark Ink Crew

The VH1 arrangement began airing the unscripted TV drama “Dark Ink Crew” on October 26, 2015. The show has revealed that there are numerous issues at the 9MAG tattoo shop. The audience enjoyed it as well as despised it. Frequently, his employees were seen fighting on the show.

When their neighbors were approached, they were told to call the cops because there had been a lot of property damage. Ryan was seen in the show carrying a shotgun, but thankfully no one was hurt and no charges were filed. He appeared in a single scene of the “Hip Hop Squares” TV arrangement in 2018.

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