Rose Costa Relation with James Marsden; Her Bio, Son, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Rose Costa

Rose Costa, a Brazilian model, rose to prominence after her relationship with actor James Marsden. Her ex-boyfriend, James Marsden, is an American entertainer, musician, and former model.

What’s the status of Rose Costa and James Marsden’s Relationship?

Rose and James Mars first met when they were assigned to spend the night together. For a short period of time, the two met in Miami. James had just split from his wife Lisa Linde at the time.

Rose was in a sentimental relationship with her beau Chris Santos in any event. She obviously slandered her high school sweetheart, James Marsden.

Rose discovered she was pregnant after spending the night in Miami with Marsden at the time. They had a son named William Luca Costa Marsden as a result of their brief relationship. Currently, the celebrity kid lives with her mother. Following the birth of their child, the couple became alienated and focused on their own lives.

Rose and James’s previous relationship

As Rose Costa connects with James for a brief period in Miami, she clearly undermines her beau. Chris Santos, her sweetheart, was in a sentimental relationship with her. Chris and Rose have been dating for over two years. The entertainer is said to be’shattered,’ according to sources.

Since confessing to adultery, she moved out of her sweetheart’s loft at the time. However, James and his best half, Lisa Linde, have recently split up.

The couple had been married for over 11 years. They went from being married to being the guardians of two children. Jack Marsden and Mary James Marsden were favoured by James and his ex-lover Lisa. Nonetheless, their relationship came to an end with them parting ways.

Rose Costa’s New Boyfriend

On Instagram, the model posted a photo of herself kissing an unknown man. She’s strewing clues around like confetti. Rose has made a few posts on who may or might not be her new sentimental partner and William’s new Daddy.

It’s also unclear whether he’s Rose’s other accomplice or not. Regardless, she has been sharing photos of the puzzle guy. She was in relationships with Lloyd Klein, James Marsden, and Skeet Ulrich for a year. She still hasn’t revealed the name of her Prince Charming to the general public.

Rose Costa was born on this day.

Rose Costa was born in Brazil on March 9, 1988, to Brazilian parents. However, details about her parents and the intricacies of baron life are still being gathered. Costa is of mixed race, with a Brazilian nationality.

The model has a slender and attractive body. She maintains a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Her body, in total, weighs about 63 kg. Rose has black hair coloring, hazel earthy brown skin, and flawless shaggy eyebrows.

Rose Costa’s Net Worth: How much money does she have?

Throughout her displaying career, the model has amassed a sizable sum of money. Rose Costa is estimated to have a net worth of $18 million, according to estimates.

She’s been working as a Ford model, earning up to $439 per hour. As a result, the model has been accumulating a sizable sum of money per year.

Costa also says a car and a house worth millions of dollars. Similarly, she enjoys going on luxurious vacations with her child. Her ex-husband, James Marsden, is estimated to have $8 million in assets.


Rose is one of the Ford Models’ most beautiful models. Ford Models is known for being fruitful and gaining control of the top-of-the-line style brands by flames.

She’s participated in a number of photo shoots for the organization. The lovely model is seen wearing a pink off-the-shoulder dress that falls to her toes and perfectly hugs her figure.

She is a fantastic partner supporter who always has her companions’ backs. Rose enjoys preparing nutritious meals and encouraging healthy eating habits. In addition, she is a brave young lady who travels the globe.

Rose travels extensively with her child, either as a vacationer or for work. She has been featured in a number of publications. The stunning model is currently based in Los Angeles.

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