Father of a Daughter; Who is Derrick Jaxn Wife? His Net Worth, Bio

Derrick Jaxn

YouTuber, Derrick Jaxn, who is generally known as the Master of Relationship on his YouTube channel. His own video blog regularly pays tribute to managing feelings and connections. He has more than 6.5k followers on his YouTube channel.

Education for Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn was born in Alabama, United States, on July 3rd, 1989. He was separated from his parents when he was young. His dad was a Jamaica-designed man. A while later, he raised a single parent. He faced a few issues because of the lack of family support. Having American nationality, she has a place of mixed ethnicity.

He was the youngest offspring of his people among his five relatives whose subtleties were lacking. Jaxn graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Business and Information Sciences. After graduation, he began to work. It remains at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, i.e. 1.62 meters. He’s got a solid body. Jaxn has black eyes with dark black hair shading.

Who is this Derrick Jaxn Wife? Father of a little girl

Prior to the wedding, the couple favored Marley Jaxn’s daughter in October 2016, following a long-term relationship. At that point, he jumped to his knee to pose a massive investigation, and she reacted with a major ‘Yes’ during their commitment procedure. They were ready for marriage in November 2016.

In January 2018, Derrick traded his marriage vows with his wife Da’Naia Broadus. His wife Broadus picked up about 64 pounds after a little girl was born. At that point, she had an anxiety after pregnancy. In addition to his significant other Broadus, he started working out in January 2017. It helped her to tackle the problems of her downturn and fit perfectly into her wedding dress as well.

At that point, his better half of Da’Naia is still at home dealing with their little girl and helping Derrick to make adventures in his business person. Als, the couple said they need two more children to finish the family and be an ideal piece of heaven. His past relationship with his better half was crumbling. He had also proposed to one of his sweethearts to marry him in private and yet to be dismissed. In the long run, they cut off their association with a shared consent.

Derrick Jaxn’s past relationship

At a time when he shared a viral video of a man who had been dismissed by his better half since he proposed a free marriage. At that point, he shared his disappointment with his sweetheart with the account of his proposal.

He has shown his weak history and lonely relationships. He also had great impulses to play it safe in a relationship from the beginning.

What is Derrick Jaxn’s Net Worth?

Jaxn’s web sensation is truly well worth his vocation. According to various sources, Derrick Jaxn is expected to have a total net worth of $1 million. In addition, he’s doing a pretty good deal with his business, and he’s winning a nice amount of cash. It is estimated that his YouTube channel pays between $8.4k and $134.5k annually.

He is also a creator and an inspirational orator with regard to life and connections. He’s just given out nine acclaimed books like Don’t Forget Your Crown, I Still Want It, A Cheating Man’s Heart, A Cheating Man’s Heart 2, I Still Deserve It, The One Mother is for Grown Men Only, and I’ve Come Too Far. He earned a good amount of cash from the books distributed.


After graduation, he began working in sales and advertising positions for the Fortune 500 Company. At that point, Jax started to divert YouTube in December 2010. He made recordings on the subject of adoration, sentiment rules, and regulations to see someone at that point.

At that point, Derrick gathered more than 630k+ endorsers on his YouTube channel Derrick Jaxn. He was a competitor during his school years. Jax has discovered his enthusiasm for composing, which has distributed more than five books. In addition, he is also a powerful speaker.

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