Who is wife of Rajat Sharma? Biography, Net Worth, Daughter

Rajat Sharma is the current director and manager of India TV. In addition, a large group of news releases from Aap Ki Adalat and Aaj Ki Baat.

Biography of Rajat Sharma

Rajat was born to a poor family in Delhi, India, on 18 February 1957. His introduction to the sign of the world is Aquarius. Rajat faced numerous difficulties and difficulties while growing up. He had a very poor childhood, living in a 100 square foot home in India with his six siblings and one sister, a weakened mother, father, and sister who had no water and no power.

His nationality is Indian, who has a place of ethnicity in Asia. Rajat Sharma has a normal height and is 5 feet 11 inches tall. In addition, his weight is around 70 Kgs. His eyes are dark and his hair is dark. His sexual orientation is straight.

Is Rajat Sharma sharing Daughter with His Wife?

The TV and journalist Rajat Sharma had married Ritu Dhawan in 1997. The couple looks extremely cheerful to be together and to be a spouse. All things considered, his spouse, Ritu Dhawan, is the current Managing Director and CEO of India TV. From their marriage, they became the parents of a daughter whose name is still missing.

They’ve been traveling together for over 22 years, not confronting downs. Dhawan and Sharma together launched India TV on May 20, 2004, only 2 days before BJP’s residence. India TV is an organization’s channel, the Independent News Service. Ritu Dhawan and Rajat set up the Independent News Service in 1998.

Is Saurav Sharma the son of Rajat Sharma, the founder of TV?

Raja Sharma has been hit by his best half Ritu for over 22 years. Be that as it may, the couple has not uncovered the subtleties of their children. Saurav Sharma is not the child of Rajat. Just the call of Rajat and Saurav is equivalent, but not related to blood. There are bits of gossip, that is, Saurva is the child of Rajat.

What is Rajat Sharma’s Net Worth and Salary?

Rajat Sharma is expected to have a net worth of around $16 million (Rs.107 Crores). Essentially, he wins $4 million in annual payments (Rs.26 Crores). It is seen as a strong power in the enterprising line of news media.

The primary source of pay for Rajat Sharma is the charge for newscasting. He works for some shows and promises him an attractive salary.

As of late, Rajat Sharma bought a new plastic BMW extravagance vehicle for Rs.65 Lakhs. The total assets of Rajat Sharma appear to have increased by 22 per cent over the last few years. After a couple of years, Rajat Sharma’s total assets are likely to grow by some 29 percent, according to some sources.

The rumors of Sharma

Rajat is an open supporter of the BJP and was an extremely dynamic part of the RSS in his childhood and still holds a delicate corner for these establishments. Numerous columnists and individuals accused him of waging a successful professional Modi battle before the political decision is still underway, and he appreciates the political favors of the decision-making government.

Tutoring for him was the shabbiest region school, wash was to be done in a collective laundry room, and reading for him seemed to be sitting under the lighthouse at the nearby railway station around the evening.

He went to Sanatan Dharma Middle School until the twelfth year after which he was able to study at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), one of the nation’s leading commercial universities. In 1977, he was ABVP’s former secretary of the Delhi University Students Union.

After completing his investigation, Rajat Sharma worked as an analyst and began writing for magazines in this way. In 1982, he began his news coverage vocation with Onlooker as a student columnist. Step by step, he took the step stool and, along these lines, in 1984, he became Head of the Agency and Editorial Manager in 1985.

He also served as manager at Sunday Observer and The Daily. He started his TV career with Aap Ki Adalat, a program of meetings in the organization of the court. His first scene highlights Lalu Prasad Yadav and was unveiled on 14 March 1993.

At that time, the show was hit for a moment, and his name and distinction increased tremendously. That show, in spite of everything, has numerous enormous figures from different fields and draws the attention of numerous individuals.

In 2004, alongside a number of columnists, he propelled the Indian TV News channel and was deeply praised for the authentic substance of the channel. India TV is thriving step by step, perhaps holding the best studio in India with the best in class innovation.

Aap Ki Adalat and Narendra Modi were not long before the General Races were famous and broke all the TV news rating records of TRP and cleared the way for Modi to become prime minister. In addition, his various projects, such as Aaj Ki Baat, news bulletin, are equally well known for his temperament of direct, yet unpretentious, inquiry.

Apart from that, Sharma did not allow the visitor to flee without any major reactions. He originated from a genuine foundation and rose to the top with his hard work. That’s why Rajat is India’s most remarkable news editor to date.

In 2014, Rajat Sharma received the Tarun Kranti Award and Padma Bhushan Award from the Government of India in 2015 in the field of literature and education.

In 2014, Rajat was named the leader of the News Broadcasters Association. Sharma was named for the Indian Telly Award for Best Anchor just as the Indian Telly Award for Best News Anchor.

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