Is Jacqui Jeras still Married with Her Husband? Her Kids, Net Worth, Salary, Bio

Jacqui Jeras

Jacqui Jeras, an American meteorologist, has worked for the Weather Channel, CNN, and NASA Unexplained Files. She has also worked at WEHT-TV and KCAU-TV.

Is Jacqui Jeras’ husband still her husband?

At this time, the Journalist is neither single nor dating anyone. She is a married woman who is happy with her life. She and her husband were college sweethearts who met for the first time in college.

Mike Jears, Jacqui Jears’ long-term boyfriend, is now her husband. In front of her family, immediate relatives, and close friends, she exchanged wedding vows with Mike in a private ceremony. She had two children with her husband during their married life.

Aurora, the couple’s first child, was born in the year 2000. After a year, the lovely couple welcomed their second kid, a son named Aston, into the world. She is happy with her life and her family.

Meteorologist Jacqui Jeras’s net worth and salary

Her career as a meteorologist paid well for her. She makes an annual yearly salary of $88,850 and a monthly salary of $54,044 on average. Jacqui Jeras is an American meteorologist with a net worth of about $2 million dollars.

She has worked for CNN for over twelve years as an on-camera meteorologist and for about four years at WJLA-TV.

Jacqui Jeras’ education

Jacqui Jeras was born in the United States of America on July 2, 1989, to American parents. He is of white descent and holds the American nationality.

In 1992, she graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology. She then went on to Iowa State University, where she received a journalism degree.

Journalist Career path

She began her career as a Senior Reporter/Fill-in Anchor at KCAU TV and later went on to work for WEHT TV, WHO-TV, CNN, and WJLA. In 2018, Jeras worked as a freelance meteorologist in Atlanta, Georgia, and assisted as a fill-in reporter for local weather. For her coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill, the professional meteorologist earned the on-camera Meteorologist Peabody Award.

Jacqui rose to prominence in her career after landing a job as an on-camera meteorologist at CNN in 1999, where she stayed for 13 years. For more than a decade, she served as an on-camera meteorologist for CNN, where she made notable remarks. She forecasted and served as an analyst for CNN during her long tenure there.

Jeras worked for WJLA-TV for four years, contributing to her list of accomplishments. Jacqui Jeras also acts as a freelance meteorologist for The Weather Channel and CNN Networks in Atlanta.

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