Is Emily Dobson Dead? Her Parents, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Emily Dobson

Emily Dobson, a dancer, actress, and social media influencer, is well-known for her performance at the 2018 California Star Ball. She also competed in the Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships in Los Angeles in 2019.

Parents of Emily Dobson

Emily Dobson was born on April 3, 2008, in the United States of America to American parents. However, information about them is still lacking. She grew up in Los Angeles with her siblings. Emily attends the School of LA. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Is Emily Dobson still alive?

Emily Dobson, on the other hand, is still alive. However, her fans are confused because an Australian philanthropist with the same name as this dancer and social media personality died. She is still alive and well, and she is in her early adolescence.

What is Emily Dobson’s boyfriend’s name?

Emily Dobson is said to be in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Sawyer Sharbino. Her boyfriend is also an actor. However, he is better known as the brother of actresses Brighton and Saxon Sharbino.

However, the couple has yet to publicly confirm their relationship. So it’s difficult to say when and how their relationship with any information began.

How much money does Emily Dobson have?

Emily Dobson’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000, which she has amassed through her various careers. She has worked as a dancer, model, actress, and social media influencer.

She undoubtedly earned a sizable salary as a result of her work. This multi-talented individual’s net worth will undoubtedly rise in the coming days.

Career as a Dancer and Actress

Emily Dobson turned her hobby of dancing into a career. Then she competed in a number of local dance competitions with Robbie Milstead. She was one of the top three competitors at the 2016 Utah Nationals. Then Emily and her dance partner Robbie were named one of the top three dance pairs in the United States.

Soon after, she began receiving endorsement offers from a variety of brands. For the first time, she was appointed as a brand ambassador for Children’s shampoo, conditioner, and fruity glycerine soaps are available from the company. Dobson also appeared at the 2018 California Star Ball. Then she competed in the Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships, where she became a three-time national finalist in dance in the United States.

Dobson has also appeared at the Sony Pictures event Evening Under the Stars. Then she attended the UCLA Children’s Hospital’s 20th Annual Mattel Party. Dobson was photographed at a 2019 event with Colombian reggae, pop, and trap star Maluma. Then she appeared in the documentary Teens Want to Know.

Emily’s Social Media Career

Emily Dobson is also a social media influencer. Her TikTok account has over 13.2 million likes and over 675.1 thousand fans. She shared energetic and creative dance videos on her TikTok account. Itsemilydobson has over 900,000 followers on Instagram.

Emily launched her self-titled YouTube channel on August 28, 2018. Her YouTube channel has over 1.15 million subscribers in a short period of time. On her channel, she primarily hosts challenges and vlogs. The agency 27 Media, Inc. has been in charge of Dobson’s social media accounts.

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